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National media launch of the new Audi Sport brand.

Staged in the paddocks of the Imola Autodrome, “Imprinting: evolution driven by instinct” was a storytelling event that sought to reconnect the passion and experience of motorsport with the technological evolution of the brand.

The event featured a press meeting (automobile, economics and lifestyle sections) that evolved into a broader exploration of the “sense of the sport”, its values and how they are reflected and reverberate as “traces” in everyday life.

An in-depth conversation where the speeches of Audi representatives were introduced and “punctuated” by short storytelling sequences with Mauro Berruto.

A gallery profiling iconic moments and protagonists from the history of motorsport, with a single common denominator: the inspiration that the sport, with its unique ideals and values, indelibly and profoundly “imprints” onto the lives of men and women – transforming them into true life champions.



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