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Digital PR. A low budget viral campaign designed to promote the quality of the raw materials used by Peroni, and in particular the 100% Italian malt that goes into its products. A fake-news story evoking the world of extra-terrestrials and crop circles, the campaign generated a great deal of buzz and spontaneous virality (116,000 views in one day) before being revealed the next day: the three mysterious crop circles are actually silhouettes of Peroni beer bottle caps.

The operation took place in three phases: firstly the production of the circles in 3 fields of barley owned by the Company; secondly, seeding the fake news story on the web via amateur video uploads and photographs posted on social media networks; thirdly and finally the reveal, with a link to the brand’s advertising message: Peroni Beer uses only 100% Italian malt.

As a follow up, a making-of video was published on the brand’s digital properties.



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